2004 G. Bruce Blair Award

To be presented at the RTMC - Astronomy Expo.
Jane Houston Jones

    Jane Houston Jones recently completed 5 years as president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California before accepting a job as Senior Outreach Specialist for the Cassini Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and relocating to Pasadena, CA. But she is best known as a go-getting perpetual motion source of astronomical energy. Jane can usually be found at a star party helping someone collimate their telescope or surrounded by dry ice, buckets, and kids forming comets in a classroom. Or flying around the world counting meteors as part of the 1998 - 2002 NASA Leonid Multi-instrument aircraft campaign. Or perhaps pouring a pitch lap in a telescope class.

Jane has completed 6 of the Astronomical League observing award programs - the Sunspotter, Messier, Messier Binocular, Southern Sky binocular, Caldwell and Herschel 400 programs and is currently working on the Galaxy Cluster program. When not observing, giving talks, or making comets, Jane publishes articles in amateur astronomy club newsletters and in Sky and Telescope and Amateur Astronomy magazines. Her astronomical sketches have been published in Astronomy Magazine. Look for her article in the new Night Sky magazine from Sky and Telescope in mid-2004.

Jane wishes to thank the Sidewalk Astronomers and John Dobson for introducing her to the world of amateur astronomy. Amateur astronomy is a universal community of stars, young and old, all shining brilliantly, sharing their energy and history with all who care to look up.

Read Janes' comments after recieving the GBB Award.

Congratulations Jane Houston Jones

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