Purpose & Requirements:   To honor and encourage people new to astronomy with an award sponsored by the WAA which recognizes them for their efforts in becoming involved in amateur astronomy in some significant way.

Procedure:   Each member group or affiliate may create its own rules for selecting its awardees with no restrictions on the award, with the prestige in receiving it evolving from the group giving it.

The Award:   Shall be a certificate produced by the WAA and made available to the members and affiliates to use as they see fit. Award certificates may be obtained from the WAA Secretary with the printing and mailing costs, if any, being borne by the requesting organization.

Don't be embarassed if you recieve this award !
Who was John Goodricke?

Recent  Recipients


China Lake Astro. Soc.  -  Carroll L. Evans - Many times past president and one of the original founders of CLAS.

Give some recognition to some of the people at the local level that make it all happen !

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