Western Amateur Astronomers

Application/Renewal Form

Below is the WAA Commercial Member application and renewal form.
A Commercial Membership is  "Non-Voting" but is more of an advisory position.
Membership includes recognition of your support including links on our website.

Please fill out the entire form, and check the appropriate box for membership.
For new membership applications, send the form, but do not include payment at this time.
If renewing, please include your Company check, (in U.S. funds) for $100 dollars.

Include a description of your Company with enough detail that we may understand who you are,
what product line you provide and the name of whom your main contact with WAA will be.

Approval for membership is based on a vote by the existing member club representatives at
the next WAA Board meeting.

Mail the completed application to:

Tim Thompson
WAA Secretary
1947 E. Huntington Dr. #C
Duarte, CA

Company Name: __________________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________

WAA Representive Name: ___________________________________

Email Contact:   ___________________________________________

Phone/FAX #:    (           ) ___________________________________

Web page URL: __________________________________________

Check one:

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Submission of this application constitutes acknowledgement that your Company supports
the Western Amateur Astronomers mission to promote amateur astronomy.

The Western Amateur Astronomers (WAA) was formed in 1949 by several astronomical societies and clubs.
Our constitution states that the goal of WAA is, to effect liaison between astronomical groups, to conduct
or participate in an annual convention of amateur astronomers, to present awards to persons or
organizations that have made an outstanding contribution to amateur astronomy during the preceding
years, and in general, to educate, encourage, and promote interest in science and astronomy.